It has been too long, already!

I can’t believe that it’s over!

I found myself continuing to take pictures of food. Yes, that means I’m STILL EATING VEGAN MEALS! But, I have decided to become a Pescetarian! Which, in short, is a vegan who eats fish. I can’t wait to tell you guys all about my results but, unfortunately, the Doctor isn’t available to shoot the results until next week (which were SUPPOSED to be live at VegFest but VegPocalypse ruined it). I can tell you, though, that the journey was WELL worth it and I cannot wait to see where I’ll be in a few more months.

Here is a teaser clip of what you would’ve seen at VegFest!

I will post the final results as soon as I have them!

Upstream living

~a post from Dr. Bentson

Chris is upstream living in a downstream world.

He has challenged the status quo, and the results are remarkable. He has done everything I have asked, and he is reaping every benefit.

Our month long journey is nearing completion, and the progress is undeniable. In a short period of time, he has changed his entire life by changing his meals. He has gone vegan the right way–by adopting a plant based whole foods diet. He has learned how to prepare a bunch of quick and easy nutrient dense meals that he loves. He knows how to read food labels, eats to his metabolism, make great choices when eating out, and navigates the grocery store with health prowess. He has come long and far. And while it can be tough to make these upstream lifestyle changes when everyone around is headed downstream, I can tell he is enjoying his new body and his new life.

So here is my challenge to you.

I want you to think of all the cool changes that could happen as a result of one quick decision you make right here, right now. What if you decided to join Chris and start your upstream journey? What if in one month from today your life was transformed?

So, the secret of getting ahead is getting started.

This is where I can help you. I’ve created the VeganizeMe Kickstart Plan, a totally web-based vegan diet training program. Whether you want to try going meatless a few days a week, you have a kid or family member who wants to become a vegetarian, or you want to commit to a totally vegan diet for the rest of your life, this plan will give you everything you need to get started.

I can’t wait for Vegfest, and I hope you will join me and the YouAnew Crew at the live Veganize Me Results Show for Chris’ final progress report. See you there!!

The Perfect Rainy Day Menu

It’s like Dr. Bentson knew that yesterday was going to be miserably rainy, because she gave me the perfect rainy day menu!

I had a delicious Grilled “Cheese” with soup for lunch, and it really hit the spot.

I prepare it in the morning and then I microwave it for 30 seconds during my workday to make sure it’s fresh enough. It’s so delicious and I think it’s lunches like these that make following the plan so easy. I look forward to the meal all morning and then I get this deliciously filling (and warm) treat! I then looked at my dinner menu, and realized it was something I haven’t had yet!


This, friends, is a veggie burger with lettuce and mustard on a hemp bagel with sauteed tomatoes and asparagus! As always, it was super filling and incomparably delicious to most of the meals! Once again, another meal that took me back to my “carnviore” days.

Speaking of the word carnivore, check out this article that was posted about me!

Time for another meeting with the wonderful Dr. Bentson! I wonder if she’ll let me see my weight tonight?

How much do you think I’ve lost in this 4 week period?

Labor Day Weekend Parties…

Were a cinch!

I wish I could explain it to you guys, but I feel like no one will believe me. I honestly didn’t want to touch a SINGLE thing at the gatherings! The old me would have had one of everything, but the new me didn’t crave a single thing.

There were hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salads, macaroni salads, buttery cabbage and noodles and CUPCAKES. Cupcakes were EVERY WHERE. But…I was looking forward to my red potatoes and squash sautéed in olive oil and fresh rosemary.

I don’t wanna sound like a weirdo or anything, but my palate has completely changed and I think it is all driven by the changes I see in my body and the overall feeling of wellness that I have.

I could’ve used a beer, though…

Instead, I looked down into my little red cooler…


and grabbed the items to prepare my snack. I was pretty surprised at the lack of comments by family and friends, but they are very well aware of how serious I am about this.

Oh, by the way:

Loopers Grille and Bar: Another Vegan Secret!

I’ve lived in the Lehigh Valley my entire life, and I’ve never felt more welcomed than I do now.


Followers, meet Natalie! She is the boss/owner here at Loopers and she will turn any dish into a vegan dish just for you – and me.

The biggest thing I noticed is that Natalie was so willing to make any dish that would please me. She asked if I liked edamame, polenta, lentils and so on. She pretty much made a dish for me because she wanted me to leave there satisfied – and she would do the same for you! She made me a Spicy Polenta with mixed veggies and peppers for my main course and a cinnamon wheat pasta for dessert!



I give Loopers a 10. All around!

I left and felt THANKSGIVING full. It tasted so good! If you want to experience the one-of-a-kind Chef Natalie, then go to Looper’s this week and mention this blog to receive 15% off!

Frank’s Red Hot is APPROVED!

I can put this **** on everything, again!

The Original Frank’s Red Hot is YouAnew approved (not all, though due to High Fructose Corn Syrup) but the original is fine, it’s vegan and it’s making me a very happy man – because I’ve been craving wings. Does Tofurky absorb Frank’s Red Hot well?

Yesterday’s meeting with Dr. Bentson was full of “win” – more than just the new found freedom I have with hot sauce. Yesterday’s lesson was about eating out and making better choices, and I was pretty excited when I realized that I already understood everything she was saying. I was completely shocked at how many calories are in the foods I used to eat when I went out – and I encourage you to do the same!

We looked through some menus and I saw salads that have as many calories as BURGERS!

It made me sick, honestly. Woah, looks like I’m already becoming a “YouAnew snob“!

I have to admit, it feels really good when Dr. Bentson doesn’t see me for a week and has a look of pure joy and success at the change in my body within the 7 day span. She doesn’t let me see my weight:


But she has assured me that my goal weight isn’t far away – and that feels too good! I can’t help but feel that all of this was a bit too easy. I mean, I was a bit frustrated last week with a few of the menu options because they were very bland and some weren’t too filling, but the Doc assured me that I could either e-mail her at ANY time, or I could just substitute using my calorie knowledge. And that was, yet another, win.

And, finally, the last “win” of this SINGLE session, is the fact that some genius somewhere in the health-osphere, decided that it would be smart to give people ice cream without all the calories…he/she then named it “Yonanas”.

It is real fruit ICE CREAM!

Dr. Bentson is crazy about it, so you should read how incredible this machine is in her latest blog post!

I can’t believe I’m only 9 days away from the LIVE results! How many of my awesome followers will be there?!

Not the Easy Way Out

~a post by Dr. Kristen Bentson

This whole Change Your Meals, Change Your Life thing isn’t always easy. Replacing the junk that’s in your kitchen with natural and whole foods is a challenge. Jumping on a bike, hitting a yoga class, or heading out for a run isn’t quite as comfy as jumping onto the couch with the remote and a pint (of ice cream or otherwise…). Eating nutrient dense & whole foods, preparing meals, exercising, managing portion sizes, avoiding junk food traps and focusing on healthy choices isn’t always easy.

If it was, everyone would be doing it. Getting your body into a health routine isn’t the easy way out, but has the “easy” way worked?!? Is eating fast or frozen, packaged and processed food helping you to lose weight? Do you feel energized when you veg out in front of your computer? Have those pills, fad diets or 10 minute miracle exercises helped you to stay fit long term?

Your answer is probably no.

More than anything, I want you to feel and look your best. I know that it isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. It’s always worth it, because you are worth it.

The coolest part of this Veganize Me experience is watching Chris transform in so many ways. And while he really does make these huge life changes seem relatively effortless, I know that he has worked really hard to get where he is today. Today, he looks incredible and fit. He feels better and has more energy.


You see, Chris totally gets it; he understands that uncommon results take uncommon commitments. He’s not taking the easy way out. He’s taking the uncommon way—

He’s taking the way that works.